Why should you choose Chat2App?

Unlimited apps

All apps, one account, no extra charge

Effortlessly add customer support chat functionality to all of your iOS apps with one simple account, and best of all, at no extra charge. Upgrade your apps and streamline your workflow today.


Open source SDK, best customization

Our iOS SDK is open source, so you can make any customization: from color and font size to full customization of any chat display parameters. Available on github: https://github.com/andrei200287/Chat2App


Push Notifications

Your customers will never miss an important message. Easily add push notification functionality to your app and keep your users informed about new messages. Try it now!


Send any parameters

Unlock valuable insights about your customers by sending any parameters. Get a deeper understanding of your users and make data-driven decisions.

The Best Price On The Market


$99.00/ Try For Free

  • Unlimited apps
  • Open source, best customization
  • Push Notifications
  • Easily communicate with customers on-the-go with our iOS app
  • Try 3 days free, cancel any time
  • Secure payments via Paddle

Get started

Do not wasting your time on programming support chat functionality. Use our chat solution and focus on what you do best - creating amazing apps. Our service will take care of all your support needs, so you can focus on building the best apps possible.